a new life for your bat

Need a repair or refurbishment?

If you would like to discuss your repair/refurbishment needs, please
call us on 01256 397499 or email us at info@chasecricket.co.uk

Sending us your cricket bat couldn’t be easier, simply download the
REPAIR FORM PDF below, print out*, fill in your details and send along
with your bat to:

Chase Cricket Limited, Calving Barn, Dummer Down Farm,
Dummer, Hampshire, RG25 2AR

When we have received your cricket bat, we will contact you to
discuss the repairs needed. Once the work has been completed we
will contact you to arrange payment before dispatching it back to you
– please allow approximately 7–10 days turnaround.

*If sending multiple bats, please fill out and attach a form to each bat
detailing requirements.

Our repairs service

At our workshop in Dummer we provide a comprehensive bat repair
service for all makes of bat, ranging from an end of season
refurbishment to a major repair.

We will assess the wear or damage to your bat and are usually
able to make a significant improvement, whatever damage
has been done!