Oil & Knock In


Bats will be linseed oiled then knocked in by machine. Bats will then be boned (compressing of the blade edges of the bat for extra strength), then polished. If bats are sent in with an anti-scuff sheet they will be knocked in with the sheet on, unless specified that you would like it removed and a new one fitted.

CLICK HERE to select an Oil & Knock In with new Anti-Scuff Sheet fitted.

We advise that bats are continued to be knocked in with a mallet over a couple of weeks.

Bat stickers can become scuffed during the knocking in process.

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Click here to download the REPAIR FORM PDF, print out*, fill in your details, including your order number, received via email after purchase, and send along with your bat to:

Chase Cricket Limited, Calving Barn, Dummer Down Farm, Dummer, Hampshire, RG25 2AR

Please allow approximately 7–10 days turnaround.

*If sending multiple bats, please fill out and attach a form to each bat detailing requirements.