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Bespoke Service

Chase Cricket offer a bespoke service normally reserved only for the professional cricketer.

When purchasing this option, you will be invited by appointment to our workshop in Dummer where you will be involved throughout the whole process of crafting your perfect bat.

Having chosen your willow cleft, our bat makers will work with you to find your preferred shape and ideal pick-up, weight and handle size to suit your grip. As an optional extra, your initials and the birth date of your bat can also be put on the shoulder.

To arrange a bespoke appointment, call us on 01256 397499 or email us at info@chasecricket.co.uk

Bespoke vouchers are also available should you wish to buy this option as a gift. Simply purchase a voucher for the amount you would like to gift, should the final total (depending on which bat grade and size is chosen) be more than the initial value of the voucher purchased, the difference can be paid at the end of the appointment.

Price – £30 plus the price of your chosen cricket bat.

What Our Customers Say...

"Proud owner of new R11 bat. Exceptional service at Chase Cricket" – Guy Townsend

"Boys had a great day today at Chase Cricket. Thank you for all your help and a fantastic bat" – Amanda C

"Chase Cricket, best bats around" – Tommie Predgen

"Lovely visit with the family to Chase Cricket this afternoon, a big thanks for looking after us. They do GREAT bats" – Mohammed Ansar

"Definitely should get down to Chase Cricket before Christmas, kit is looking great and personal service even better" – James Regan