All Chase bats receive two coats of raw linseed oil before being run through our unique, custom designed knocking in machine. The knocking in machine doesn’t miss the edges or the toe which sometimes get forgotten.

All Chase bats leave the workshop 80% pre-prepared meaning you can enjoy more time playing cricket than preparing for it.

We would recommend that you take further time knocking in the bat with a cricket mallet, throw downs or a bowling machine to further increase the bats performance. Bowling machine balls are a lot more forgiving than standard cricket balls and an ideal way to prepare your bat.

Bat mallets should be used with great care and struck with gradually increasing force in all areas where one would normally expect to hit the ball. The edges or toe should never be struck at right angles as this would be likely to cause damage.

Once the oil has completely dried, a sheet of anti-scuff can be used. At Chase we highly recommend a facing is added to increase the life and performance of the bat.