traditional craftsmanship

Since 1996, from our workshop in the heart of the Hampshire
countryside, Chase Cricket has been designing and handcrafting the
very finest cricket bats for young and old in all levels of the game.

Our heritage

From this tranquil location surrounded by fields and
willow trees, our passionate and enthusiastic team
design, craft, manufacture and distribute exquisite, high
performance cricket bats to Chase customers around
the globe.

Our willow, the finest salix alba caerulea, is sourced
locally, allowing us to pay close attention to the weight
and grain structure of each cleft.

In addition to our full range of cricket bats, we offer a full
complement of cricket equipment.

Our philosophy

Only the finest willow is selected to become a Chase
cricket bat and all of our components are UK sourced to
our exacting requirements.

Throughout the manufacturing process, every bat is
exhaustively checked ensuring that it meets our
stringent standards.

No Chase bat leaves the workshop unless it meets the
excellence and expectations demanded.

Expert advice

Chase believes that expert advice is essential when
considering the purchase of your cricket bat. We take
care to advise you on which model will suit your needs.

You can be confident that your Chase cricket bat will
be the right one for you.

Chase may not be able to guarantee your wicket but we
can guarantee your willow.